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All your casino rep data. Anywhere. Anytime.



The #1 Junket Rep Application

Interface with casinos and players with reports and incorporated CRM, import play data, track player preferences, create and sell trips, market upcoming events, track commissions, and more!

Complete Trip Management

Create, track, and sell trips. Use built in CRM features to engage players and market upcoming events. Track hotel, transportation, and other reservations.

Easily Generate Player Reports

From preferred games to dietary needs, track all of the information necessary to qualify with casinos, impress your clients, and increase your commission.

Web Based

Available on any device with internet access, anywhere you are. Log in on a computer, tablet, or cell phone from any place you do business, and it works.

Lower Costs and Save Time

Reduce workload on your team with this affordable system!  Use your newfound time selling more trips, playing, networking, or relaxing!

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